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Over 15 years of experience in the implementation and organization of sea, air and rail freight. A wide network of partners all over the world. Customs, warehouse and insurance brokerage.

GREENMALL FORWARDING is a sea freight forwarding. GREENMALL FORWARDING  is an air freight forwarding. GREENMALL FORWARDING is a rail freight forwarding.

After all, GREENMALL FORWARDING is over a dozen years of practical experience gained in many entities in the shipping, transport and logistics industry. Thanks to this, we accumulate the best solutions in our business and create our own unique development paths.

We are well aware of how many companies with a similar profile there are on the market. At the same time, we know very well how most of them work, and therefore we know our advantages over them. In our opinion, freight forwarding is not only about accepting the order, more or less completing it and invoicing the customer. For us, forwarding is primarily about listening to the needs of our customers, whom we treat as partners. We always treat them as we would like to be treated ourselves. We build our relationships with Clients in a way that allows us to establish long-term cooperation based on mutual respect and understanding.

Our specialization is: 

sea freight

 we organize all kinds of sea shipping from door to door, from one end of the world to the other. Groupage, full container, oversize or specialist loads. We will do it all for you! 

air freight

 just like sea transport, it is a very popular means of transporting all types of cargo. Door to door shipment. From anywhere in the world to any other. The size of the shipment is practically irrelevant. It may be a small package, or even several dozen pallets. 

rail freight

 - an increasingly popular solution in full-container or groupage transport not only in Europe, but also to and from Asia. It owes its popularity and development not only to shorter than sea transit time, but also for ecological reasons

The above is just the beginning. If you need a warehouse space or packaging services, we provide adequate space with infrastructure and professional service. We also work with customs agencies, thanks to which we provide full support in customs solutions dedicated and appropriate to your needs. We also provide cargo insurance in cooperation with reputable insurance companies.

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